04 MarThe Football Team

Opening my mouth, I slowly stick two fingers in between my lips and suck on them as I stare into the webcam that is attached to the top of my PC monitor. On the screen before me, my fiancé Darren is sat on the edge of his bed, his hand down inside the front of his tight boxer shorts, stroking the sizeable bulge that is hiding there, his eyes locked to mine as he smiles.

“Ooh yeah babe, suck them fingers” he nods as I glide my lips back and forth, finally removing it to trace my fingers down my naked body to cup one of my bare breasts in my open hand.

Holding his gaze, I raise my free hand to cup my other breast, my thumbs gliding up to brush over my hard little nipples.

Releasing my grasp on my breasts, I trace my fingers around their edges, testing their weight, squeezing the pliable flesh, a shudder of excitement coursing through me as he sits watching.

Nodding in appreciation, my fiancé reaches down and drags the material of his boxer shorts down, raising his backside from the bed to allow him to slip them down his muscled legs. Then he kneels back up and I groan as I see his thick cock, his right hand gliding up and down the ridged shaft, the muscles of his firm stomach standing proud behind his menacing looking dick.

“Damn, I wish you were here with me” he mutters, his hand on his cock increasing in pace slightly, “Would you like that babe?”

I nod at him, playing with my nipples again, “Oh yeah”
“What would you do if you were?” he asks, mischievousness in his eyes and shuddering at the thought of his question, I smile.
“I would give you a long hard kiss”
“What else?” he asks, his breathing courser now, “Tell me”

“Touch you” I state, nodding at him, “I would put my little fingers around your big hard cock and wank you off baby”
“Oh fuck” he grunts, one hand reaching down to squeeze his heavy, hanging balls slightly, “You would? What then babe?”
Lowering my head slightly, I stare up at him through my eyelashes and lower my voice, “I would suck you big old cock!”

He groans, the hand pulling on his meaty shaft speeding up and I flutter my eyelashes as I raise my favourite sex toy into view.

“Damn” is all he can manage to say as I bring it to my mouth and bathe the head with my tongue, swirling it around the domed head of the six inch piece of bright pink rubber.

Of all my sex toys, the one that I was currently sucking on was my favourite, mainly because it is like an exact replica of the cock of my fiancé but also because it is very big and very fat.

“Sweet Jesus” my fiancé groans, perhaps imagining that it is his cock that I am sucking hungrily as I slide my lips and take more and more of the rubber cock in my mouth.

Taking it out of my mouth for a moment, I extend my tongue and playfully slap the weight off the rubber cock down onto it just like Darren often likes to do to me, before plunging my lips back over it, moaning as my free hand squeezes one of my tits.

On the screen, Darren has sat back upon the bed, his muscled legs out before him, feet wide apart as he leans back on a hand and wanks his big cock with the other, groaning all the time. Enjoying the sight of him having so much fun, I keep my eyes on the scene before me on the screen as I suck the dildo, pretending that it is his cock after all, my hands stroking it.

“Damn that is so fucking hot!” an unfamiliar voice says and I jerked my mouth from the dildo, thinking that someone had somehow wandered into my bedroom only to find it empty.
“Darren?” I mutter, my stomach lurching as I see my fiancé turn his head to the side and cast a grim look at someone, “What the fuck is going on? Is someone there with you?”

“No!” he shakes his head, trying to smile but failing miserably.
Taking a deep breath, I glare at him, “Show me now!”

“Do it!” I snap angry now and cringing he moves forwards and the scene shifts as he picks his laptop up and turns it the side.

For a moment, all I saw was the view of his bedroom at the college where he was studying three hundred miles away then I cursed and shook my head as I saw the half a dozen young men who were sitting on chairs and the other bed, all of them naked from the waist down, all sporting erections.

“What is going on here?” I shouted at Darren as his sorry face appeared before the screen again, “Who the fuck are they?”
He grimaced, “The football team”
“The fucking football team!” I shouted, “Why are they there?”

“They saw your pic and they offered me $100 if I could get you to put on a webcam live sex show for them, I am so sorry!”

“Oh my God!” I screamed, aghast, “$100…you sold me out!”
He shrugged, looking pitiful, “Hey I have no money babe!”
“Don’t babe me” I snarled, shaking my head, “How dare you let strangers sit with their cocks out while I touch myself!”
Yet as the words left my mouth I felt a tingle of energy course through my groin and nipples, excited in a perverse way that these men had found me so attractive and desirable. My stomach lurched as a thought occurred to me and I fixed Darren with a grim smile, “You need to make this up to me!”
“I will babes!” he promised, “Name it and it is yours!”
“Leave the room”
“You heard me” I told him, “Leave the room and the laptop!”
He turned his head, casting a look at the men I could now no longer see and then glanced back at me, “But the guys…”
“Have paid for a an amateur webcam girls live sex show” I interrupted, “And that is what they are going to get…now leave the room!”

There was a murmur of voices from out of sight and with a sad nod, my fiancé placed the laptop back down where it had been.

Sitting on my own bed, I listened to the sound of the bedroom door closing and then stared at the empty bed before me frowning, “I know you guys are there…come closer”
The scene before me stayed the same for a moment but then slowly the six young men all moved into view, seating themselves around the bed. Shaking slightly, unable to believe that I was doing this, I smiled as I studied them, my pussy growing wet as I saw that they were all far more muscular than Darren, each of them sporting cocks that made his look small.

I turned my attention to the groins of the two black guys amongst the group, the dick of one no bigger than that of his companions but then I gasped in shock as I saw the others cock, his huge brown shaft lying down along his thigh as he stroked it.

Forcing myself to concentrate, I met the gaze of each of them in turn, “So you liked the show I was putting on did you?”
There was a chorus of confirmations and I trembled as the young man with the biggest cock grinned, “Fuck yeah”
“Do you want to see more?”
Again there was a chorus of confirmations and I giggled, raising the dildo back to my lips, “Would you like me to suck your cocks like this guys?”
So saying, I swirled my tongue around the head of the sex toy, licking up the broad underside before plunging my mouth down onto it, bobbing my head as I sucked it like a crazy woman.
I glanced up through my hair as I sucked on the dildo, y heart skipping a beat as I saw the six young men all standing facing the laptop, each of them wanking their cocks as they urged me on, their voices coarse and excited;
“Go on, suck it down”
“Work that mouth honey!”
“Mmmm look at her tits bouncing!”
“Fuck yeah!”

“Shit she loves that cock!”
“Damn, I’d like to see her try and suck this!”
The last comment was from the black guy with the big cock, my stomach fluttering as imagined doing what he had said, “Oh”
He grinned, “You like that idea?”
“Oh yes” I moaned, grasping at one of my big tits with a hand while I rubbed the dildo on the nipple of the other, “Yes!”
The black guy gave a laugh, “Maybe we should get Darren to bring you up here and put a show on for us in person!”
I moaned aloud, leaning back against the propped up pillows on my bed and pushing the rubber dildo against my wet opening.

A grunt left my body as it pushed past my lips and slid into my sopping wet hole, the entire six inches sliding inside in one go.
“Damn” the black guy grinned, his eyes filled with lust as he moved to the fore of his friends, “Yeah, we will get you up here and make you suck all our cocks, how’d you like that?”
“Yes” I groaned, sliding the dildo in and out of my body.
“Mmmm” he chuckled, “Then when you have sucked us all off we are gonna put you on the bed and take turns fucking you right guys!”
There was a chorus of shouts and cheers, and he continued to speak, “Bitch we are gonna fuck you eight way from Sunday. You gonna have a cock in your mouth and in your pussy at the same time and then I am gonna stick this bog old dick up your tight little ass!”
“Oh” I cried out, my body shaking as his coarse words registered with me and I orgasmed hard on the dildo, my body reacting to the thought of all their hands touching me, their hard bodies surrounding me while that big ugly brute of a man pushed his big cock into my most private of places. Eyes streaming with tears of joy, I raised my legs high and wide, fucking myself harder with the dildo and on the screen several of the men began to come, spunk flying from their cocks. Soon only the black guy who had been talking to me was left, both hands stroking his cock as he tossed himself off at the screen.

With a roar like rolling thunder he came, spunk splashing everywhere and gasping I orgasmed again, imagining his hot sticky seed pouring down all over my naked body.

With their climax, the mood was suddenly broken and the men dressed and left without another word, all except the black guy who winked at the screen, “You come see us all, don’t forget”

For some time, I laid there in a delirium, still angry at Darren for what he had done but knowing without his minor betrayal this wouldn’t have just happened. Sighing, I smiled, I would of course forgive him. In fact maybe it was time I gave him a visit.